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My name is Josh Chambers and I created and administer the DNA2 wiki. I had originally created the wiki in 2006 at my own domain at dna2.calculusman.com and then moved it to www.dna2.info when I decided to get my own domain name for it. After I decided to get rid of my hosting service in September 2010, I moved all of the information over to wikia to preserve all my hard work and data.

Given that this series was published and aired over 15 years ago now, and the fact that finding media related to the series, whether it's copies of the manga or the actual DVD releases (both of which I personally own) is becoming increasingly rare, I see this wiki as a place to start catalouging and preserving all the content and information that we can about the series. Also, given the above factors, I may be adding more multimedia content (videos, audio, etc.) than I normally would have otherwise.

When I first created the wiki, Central Park Media was still in business, and copies of the DVD were still pretty easy to get one's hands on, so I demured from doing too much in that vein before. However, this time around I may post more things like that, just because just about the only places one can actually find copies of the series anymore are the very few remaining individual volumes that RightStuf has left, and ebay. And it's not like Central Park Media is still around to complain about it, either. I don't even know who, if anybody, even owns the rights to the material that CPM created. The rights to the actual show probably went back to Bandai Visual in Japan, but the box art, translations, dubs, etc. were part of the liquidation sale and so who knows what happened to that stuff.

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