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Junta Momonari isn't your typical high school loser. In fact, he is kind of the loser of all losers. Whenever he sees a girl dressed down in any way - in a swimsuit, underwear, leotard, etc. - he gets sick. If the girl is dressed down enough, or if he sees it for long enough, he barfs all over the place.

Because of this, he has never had any success going out with girls at all, despite his best efforts to control his condition. The only girl who he can hang out with is Ami Kurimoto, his oldest and best childhood friend who lives right across the street from him.

What Junta is unaware of is that he is destined to become the "Mega-Playboy", a man who is supposed to father 100 children with 100 different women, and whose offspring are all supposed to do the same, being a primary instigator of a huge population explosion in Japan in the future (In only three generations, Junta could produce 1 million offspring, 100 million in four generations, and 10 billion in five).

In order to help alleviate this problem, the Japanese government from the future sends a DNA operator named Karin Aoi back in time to shoot Junta with a DCM (DNA Control Medicine) which will prevent Junta from becoming the Mega-Playboy and saving Japan from it's over-populous fate.

There is just one problem: Karin ends up shooting Junta with the wrong DCM bullet, which turns Junta into the Mega-Playboy, causing the whole crisis to begin with.

The Junta that results draws the attention of many of the girls in his school, including Ami's best friend, Kotomi Takanashi, and Miss Fukoma High Tomoko Saeki (much to the ire of her boyfriend, Ryuuji Sugashita), as well as Karin herself.

Will Karin be able to prevent Junta from becoming the Mega-Playboy so that she live her dream of having "a wonderful husband with a sweet, sweet home" or has Karin made things worse than even she could imagine?

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