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This is a small writeup in the February 2003 issue of NewType USA. I don't have this issue, and I'm not sure it's worth putting down $10 just for an article that takes up 1/3 of one page. However, the Central Park Media website had a pdf version of the article, which I have added to this wiki, below.


Karin is the future's number one DNA pilot, an operative who, for a price, manipulates the DNA of individuals for the good of all mankind. Karin's latest assignment is to travel back in time 100 years and alter the DNA of the man largely responsible for the overpopulation of Earth, the Mega-Playboy.

Once she arrives and hunts down the legendary womanizer, Junta, she finds him a weak and pitiful sight with a strange allergy that causes him to vomit uncontrollably at the mere sight of a babe. Even though she finds it hard to believe this dork is history's most "wanted" man, she busts a DNA-changing cap in him.

Unfortunately, Karin used the wrong bullet! Now with altered DNA that makes him wielder of an awesome, though unpredictable, power over women, Junta has truly become the most charismatic and sexiest stud-muffin the world has ever known - at least until Karin figures out a way to clean up the mess.

DNA2: Metamorphosis is a light-hearted anime that has a lot of fun digging at the romantic anime genre. With a storyline based on the whims of Junta's new powers, it wonders to and fro with witty plot twists as Junta encounters different girls and situations. But it is always entertaining and keeps itself centered on the comical.

Visually, DNA2 is well animated and rides towards the high end of the classic animation style with pleasing, sometimes alluring, character designs. The backgrounds and scenery often run far above average in terms of detail and liveliness.

The English language dub is well done, though, with the many close-ups required to carry the humorous, over-the-top, romantic drama that the studly Junta spews, it is at times a little off in timing. Overall, Liam O'Brien (Junta) and Jessica Calvello (Karin) give exemplary performances of Neil Nadelman's solid translation from the Japanese.

With a good sense of humor, attractive artwork and some vigorous voice acting, DNA2: Metamorphosis is a title that is sure to please fans that like some good, though maybe not so clean, fun. If you get the chance to check out DNA2, don't pass it up. We all could use a good chuckle, and DNA2 certainly delivers.

- Gerry Poulos


NewType USA Review PDF (501KB)

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