The Mega-Playboy Quiz is a Special Feature on DVD #1: Metamorphosis.

There are 5 questions in the quiz, each with 3 possible answers. The answers are assigned 1, 2, or 3 points, depending on how you answer. The more points you accumulate, the more like the Mega-Playboy you are, with 15 points being the top score.


Question 1:Edit

A beautiful girl takes off her towel to reveal that she wants you to be her first love. Do you:

A) Take her in your arms and kiss her.
B) Throw up.
C) Tell her you'll have to think about it.

Question 2:Edit

A couple of young punks start roughing up your woman. Do you:

A) Run like hell.
B) Call the police
C) Take them out using your own brand of street justice.Q

Question 3:Edit

You wake up next to a girl dressed only in her underwear. Do you:

A) Wake her with a kiss.

B) Wake her by tapping her gently.

C) Wake her by freaking out.

Question 4:Edit

You are having lunch with a hot girl at a cafe. Do you:

A) Let her pay.
B) Pay the whole thing.
C) Split it.

Question 5:Edit

You have a date with two women on the same night! What do you do?

A) Cancel with the girl you asked first.
B) Cancel with the girl you asked second.
C) Date both of them anyway!

Answer PointsEdit

Question 1) A = 3 points; B = 1 point; C = 2 points

Question 2) A = 1 point, B = 2 points; C = 3 points

Question 3) A - 3 points; B = 2 points; C = 1 point

Question 4) A = 1 point; B = 3 points; C = 2 points

Question 5) A = 2 points; B = 1 point; C = 3 points


5 - 8 points: Your score makes me want to BARF!

9 - 11 points: might get to first base. (But you still watch too much anime)

12 - 15 points: Wow! You really ARE the Mega-Playboy!

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