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Junta Momonari

Junta Momonari (桃生 純太)




Black with red outline, spikey




1 - 15

Japanese seiyuu

Keiichi Nanba

English voice actor

Liam O'Brien

Junta Momonari is the hero, so to speak, of the story. However, he hardly seems like he would be. He is the ultimate loser: he's never been on a date, in a large part because of his condition: he pukes whenever he sees anything resembling a naked female body, whether thats a swimsuit, leotard, or other types of revealing clothing.

The only girl he can talk to normally is his childhood and best friend Ami Kurimoto. However, his fate changes dramatically when he meets the strange girl from the future, Karin Aoi. Will he able to stay himself, or will his body and mind be taken over by the DNA of the Mega-Playboy? His powers seem to be activated when a girl is in emotional pain (such as Tamako in tears), or physical danger, ( like when Ami was struck by the snake-tongued goon) which causes him emotional termoil. 

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