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DNA2 is a 5 part manga series which was written by Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai, I"s) in 1993 and 1994 and which was adapted into a 15 episode anime series in 1994 and 1995 by Bandai Visual and Nippon TV (with animation production done by Madhouse and Studio DEEN).

The episodes have been released in the US in 5 volumes with 3 episodes on each, which roughly match the 5 manga volumes, though some European volumes are released on 3 DVDs with 5 episodes each.

While the DVD comes both in dubbed English and in Japanese with English subtitles, the manga has not been licensed to be released in English (though apparently it is available in French, German, and Italian).

The 12 anime episodes that were originally shown on tv were broadcast between October 7 and December 23 in 1994 on Nihon TV. The exact days the episodes were released are below. Episodes 13-15 were released as an OVAs in 1995, though they have been shown on TV since their video release.

# Airdate Episode Title
1 October 7, 1994 The Girl from the Future - Karin
2 October 14, 1994 Mega-Playboy is Born! - Junta
3 October 21, 1994 On the Night of the Festival - Ami
4 October 28, 1994 Who Gets the Necklace? - Tomoko
5 November 4, 1994 Don't Tell a Soul! - Kotomi
6 November 11, 1994 What Did Junta do to Kotomi?
7 November 18, 1994 I Want to Give You All That I Have!
8 November 25, 1994 You've Always Been at My Side
9 December 2, 1994 The Shot to Ryuuji's Heart
10 December 9, 1994 Dangerous Ryuuji's Dangerous Power
11 December 16, 1994 Don't Turn Into the Mega Playboy!
12 December 23, 1994 Bye-Bye Mega-Playboy
13 February 21, 1995 Another Time Machine
14 April 25, 1995 The Thing Forgotten a Century from Now
15 June 25, 1995 I'll Never Forget You

Since Central Park Media has gone into liquidation, it has become increasingly difficult to find copies of this show. As of September 2010, the series has been listed as being unavailable for purchase from every well known online retailer I checked. RightStuf still has a few individual volumes for sale, with them selling volumes 2 through 5. You can also try your luck on ebay.com, Amazon sellers or another auction or consumer-to-consumer website, but just be aware that many of the things being sold on those sites are bootlegs. At the very least make sure that the cover art is the same as what appears on this wiki, as that is the official cover art, and that the series comes on 5 discs, not 2 or 3 which is what most bootlegged versions come in.

There has been no recent news about re-licensing this series by anyone. The licenses more than likely reverted back to the Japanese owners when CPM went into liquidation, and with no one rescuing the title so far, it appears no new release of this series is going to be made available in the foreseeable future, if ever.

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